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Colors in terminal printout

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A very nice table of the terminal colors on stackoverflow:

Quoting the given example:

class bcolors:
    HEADER = '\033[95m'
    OKBLUE = '\033[94m'
    OKGREEN = '\033[92m'
    WARNING = '\033[93m'
    FAIL = '\033[91m'
    ENDC = '\033[0m'
    BOLD = '\033[1m'
    UNDERLINE = '\033[4m'


Color palettes matter

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Resources: (by Martin Krzywinski) (by Cynthia Brewer)


Color picker

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I like gcolor2 as my color picker. It also has a useful list of saved colors. Just wanted to give a shout out to this little GTK2 utility.



More colors in LibreOffice

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To add more colors in LibreOffice, one has to manually edit the color palette found in “Tools –> Options –> LibreOffice –> Colors”. Luckily someone has done the hard job. I found a beautiful color palette from Finally I can has more caluurz!

On a LibreOffice-related note, OOoLatex has been forked to LibreOffice under the name TexMaths. It can be found under the official LibreOffice Extensions