Markdown and CommonMark

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Markdown is extremely popular due to its ease of use (both read and write!) and adoption by GitHub and StackOverflow. Recently, I’ve started blogging on WordPress using Markdown as well (see this WordPress Support page about how to enable Markdown support).

However, because the original Markdown from ~10 years ago is kind of limited, there have been many different extensions to the original Markdown throughout the years, most notably GitHub Flavored Markdown. In addition, many Markdown parsers also have their own interpretations and implementations. It can be kind of annoying to have a Markdown document that works on GitHub but doesn’t work on a blog that uses a different parser etc.

I recently discovered about CommonMark, which is on the mission to unify the various Markdown specs into one standard spec. I’m very much in support of its mission and hope it gains critical mass as soon as possible.

So, for people who are not yet familiar with Markdown, CommonMark is definitely the best place to start: .


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