Highlight a name in BibTeX Bibliography

In howto on Jan 24, 2016 by theoryl Tagged: , ,

How to highlight a particular author’s name in the bibliography when using BibTeX? This was asked on TeX Stack Exchange. I didn’t like the top answer as much as the third answer. Simply edit the .bst file and add a function that highlights your name:

{ duplicate$ purify$ "YOURNAME" purify$ =
    { bold }

(Here I chose to bold the name)

Then, look for the string “$” in the .bst file, and call the function right after it, e.g.

FUNCTION {format.names}

A related modification you can make in the .bst file is to turn DOI into a hyperlink. Look for the string “doi *”, change it to:

FUNCTION { format.doi } {
        "\href{" doi * "}{DOI: " * doi * "}" *

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