Install Jupyter Notebook on Linux Mint 17.3

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To install Jupyter Notebook on Linux Mint 17.3, you can either use Anaconda or Pip. The instructions for both package managers can be found on

I decided to build from source. The instructions are listed on (look for “Ubuntu Trusty”). Basically, do:

sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy npm javascript-common python-pip python-virtualenv python-dev
# Use a virtual environment
virtualenv jupyter-venv
source jupyter-venv/bin/activate
# ensure setuptools/pip are up-to-date
pip install --upgrade setuptools pip
git clone git://
cd notebook
pip install --pre -e .

jupyter --version
# Output: 4.0.6

jupyter notebook

Note: Jupyter notebook used to be called IPython notebook.


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  1. thank you for your blog

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