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The translucency setting of Geany search highlight makes it difficult to see the matches when using a color scheme with white background (e.g. Github color scheme). Unfortunately the translucency setting cannot be changed (see This is an issue for me. So I decided to change the search highlight color to be close to the color used for text highlighting on Github:


and the search markers are more visible now.

I also decided to tweak the primary and secondary keywords in filetypes.cpp, so that secondary keywords consist of C/C++ types:

primary=alignas alignof auto and and_eq asm bitand bitor break case catch class compl const_cast constexpr continue decltype default delete do dynamic_cast else enum explicit export extern false final for friend goto if inline mutable namespace new noexcept noreturn not not_eq nullptr operator or or_eq override private protected public register reinterpret_cast restrict return sizeof static static_assert static_cast struct switch template thread_local this throw true try typedef typeid typename union using virtual volatile while xor xor_eq
secondary=bool char char16_t char32_t const double float int int8_t int16_t int32_t int64_t long ptrdiff_t short signed size_t ssize_t unsigned void wchar_t

p/s: The color scheme file is located at ~/.config/geany/colorschemes/github.conf; the typedef file is located at ~/.config/geany/filedefs/filetypes.cpp


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