rst2wiki with math support

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Another post about reStructuredText: can you convert reStructuredText into Wiki format? I found in Docutils sandbox a tool: rst2wiki. It currently supports conversion to TWiki and Atlassian Confluence. rst2wiki is available through SVN (web-access)

In Docutils >= 0.8, there is “math” support; on the other hand, TWiki can display LaTeX equations if MathModePlugin is installed and set up properly. The syntax is

<latex [attr="value"]* > formula </latex>

In order to use rst2wiki with math support, we will modify In class WikiTranslator, add:

    # Start Math
    def visit_math(self, node):
        if self.math_start:

    def depart_math(self, node):
        if self.math_end:
    # End Math

In class TWikiTranslator, add:

        self.math_start = '<latex>'
        self.math_end = '</latex>'

Done :)


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