Exaile Music Player for GTK+

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Choosing a music player for Ubuntu has often been difficult. When I first started using Ubuntu, the default music player was Amarok. Didn’t like it. Soon, the default was changed to Rhythmbox. Didn’t like it too. The default will be changed to Banshee with the next release Natty Narwhal. Tried and didn’t like that either. Hence I’ve been using mpd (+Sonata) along with VLC in the past three years. Being a foobar2000 ( fan, I must say there is no worthy Linux replacement of the light (small memory footprint) yet extensive music player.

However, recently I found a GUI music player that comes close — Exaile ( It has clean interface and supports multiple playlists and shoutcast.  It’s written in python, which is always a plus. Feature-wise, it has everything a casual music listener would expect plus integration and smart playlist. I love how well it’s integrated into my GNOME desktop too.

So far, I like it a lot. The only thing I can complain about is that the version in Lucid Lynx cannot connect to Shoutcast server. Also, it would be nice to have a batch mp3 tag editor similar to what is in foobar2000. Hopefully it will continue to be actively developed and gain a large user base before long. If you are a Ubuntu user like me who has not yet settled on a favorite music player, I say definitely give Exaile a try:

$ sudo apt-get install exaile


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